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Phnom Penh: Through the project of preservation of the whiskey in the protected area north of Tonle Sap Lake in the village of Kompong Thom and Siem Reap province. Help improve the lives of local communities through the implementation of the Sustainable Paddy Rice Exporting Organic Produce Scheme Came from ecotourism.

This is a statement from Neth Pheaktra, Secretary of State and Environment Ministry Spokesman, during a visit to the implementation of the Whisper Conservation Project Cooperated by Ministry of Environment and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Stung District, Kampong Thom Province on June 10, 2020. Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development highlighted the rare and endangered bird species in the world We need the protection, conservation and participation of all stakeholders, especially the people of the region Habitat for Whiting

According to Census data, in 2007, the species was nearly 400, an average of nearly 400. It accounts for 57.14% of the world's total whiskey population. In addition to Cambodia, whispers are available in India and Sri Lanka. But the Secretary of the Ministry of Environment also expressed concern for the continued decline in whisper numbers, according to census data this year. 2018 Pastures in the Tonle Sap floodplain in the Tonle Sap Protected Area of ​​North Tonle Sap of Cambodia There have been 117 cases, a drop of more than 200 in the last 10 years.

At the same time, the Secretary of State said that what was remarkable was the number of study animals recorded and recorded. Active in protected natural areas, it has dropped dramatically outside protected areas and in areas. Law enforcement and community involvement in the protected area are still limited.