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Phnom Penh: Over the weekend, the international competition on the South East Asia TV series continues to open just two ring. Same after Sunday night's ring closed. For Saturday, March 14, 2020, Southeast Asia's international arena requires Cambodian and Thai players. A total of 4 people touched each other.

Nhean Sothy, organizer of the Southeast Asia TV Tournament, said that two of the two Cambodian players named were friendly. In the boxing world, Vong Vicheth is one of the best players he has ever expected for a fight. Defeat some Thai heavyweights F.

Despite having to face the best Thai players for the tournament, everyone remains confident of the sport's potential Most Cambodian. He has to compete against Thai Av Vatan in singles, with each side desperately wanting to win.

Really want to win because anyone who wins is out of the picture and his / her worth as a winner is higher More fan confidence. However, if the match is lost due to a poor match, it is not a disgrace and a criticism from the fans No. According to the history of the game, he has played 66 official games, won 60, lost 6 and never equaled. Thailand have won 110, won 89, lost 19 and drawn two.

Phan Nath was also pitted against Thailand's Phat Nathy as another heavyweight. Unique pair. He said their match still does not know who is better than the Cambodian players This is still a credit, but it's hard to trust the 100% because of the unusual Thai players.

He thinks the Thai player is a strong partner but he is not sure how to win the match With a strong Cambodian foot, the experience was similar. Cambodian players have made 66 official wins, 43 losses, 20 losses and three draws, while the Thai side has 86 wins, 69 wins Lose 15 and draw 2. (Edited by: Bopha)