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Phnom Penh: In Tbong Thom commune, Ponhea Leu district, Kandal province, there is a village called "Damak Mean Leak Village" and a "Wat Leang" Pagoda Ream calls the pagoda, Leak Leak. ” The name of the village and the monastery in connection with the story "Ta Dong Yeay Chey".

Story of Dong Dong Yeung Chey or Odong City History tells her about her daughter's release Pursuit of Love from King in Longvek as he leaves the bush Alone on a road in a forest. Seeing her beautiful figure, the goddess followed her from the forest of the village to the village of Lala La. Nowadays, in the commune of Khlong Lang, Phnom Kambol, Phnom Penh, the present day up to the point of Wat Leam Ream, known as the Dombuk Leak pagoda, is located in Dambak Leak village Tumnup Thom commune, Ponhea Leu district, Kandal province.

She was so good that she had run away and was exhausted and had reached a dungeon in the woods. He ran into the hide and hid. But the king could not find any, so the people established the pagoda and the village at that point, and called it Damong Terms »so far.

In addition to the above villages and pagodas, there was also a school building called Wat Damuk Primary School Leak », to the north of the pagoda fence and to the east of the upper village. What is even more interesting is that the famous patriotic hero, "Aye Hem Chieu", was also Former Buddhist monks also used to live when he was a priest and built the monastery There is a hometown in a village near the pagoda.

According to the Khmer legend, the 5th chapter tells that one day the king, who was staying in the forest of Banteay Vauk, was born. On the wedding march, he was accompanied by four deputies. When they entered the deep forest, they found her naked (the daughter of Ta'ang-yi-Chey) walking alone. You are visiting aunt Aunt Tan's house in Takeo province. In the forest where the king had found her, the people called her forest, which she later called “barren”. And there it is today: “Thmor Lang Village, Sangkat Bantleng, Khan Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh.”

He saw her in good shape, like a fairy, and she leapt down from the horse's back. Where to find Him, He comforts her with love. And she was afraid, and she was afraid, and she answered no man any more, to answer the king, and she returned. And the king and his four men went after her. She was a fast-paced woman, and with a close-knit look at her, she saw a dart in the forest. She also raised her hands and prayed, "If she is really a couple with a bungling hunter, go into hiding. This is missing.

She prayed and ran to hide. And the king and the four sons of his servants looked at afar off, and saw her going forth, and came unto her, and found her. And she saw him no more, for the worm was there; After this, the villagers built a pagoda called Wat Damak Leak in the commune of Ponleu Thom, Ponhea Leu district of Kandal province, but according to the old adage This is called the "tram condition".

And the king marveled, when she saw the howls, and how she was hid in the midst. He replied, "Well, this good-looking woman has come to hide in the dung, a place not to be hidden. Missed so by his abduction, she may have had an angel heal her And he said, "If it please the king, let him come and accuse her." Her parents are traditional. ” The king said, "How can you know where your parents are?" She said, "If she were a man, I would ask you to come to her parents. It is your will. ”

When the king heard the words of the four men, he went back into the tent. While she was fine, she managed to escape and was sent home to tell her story about her grandmother. A complete parent and tell of the extent of her love for the poachers Also to her parents. (Still available)