Vietnam's Ministry of Health has proposed a fine of 3 million dong to 7 million dong ($ 129-301) for the disguised masks that the massacre puts others at risk. At risk of contracting coronavirus.

While the Vietnamese government and international agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended that people use masks at places where they should be, according to the VN Express on February 15, 2020. As more people to protect themselves from the Covid-19 infection, they also provide instructions on how to dispose of their masks. Users are advised to dispose of masks in closed containers.

However, many have ignored the instructions, throwing away used masks on the streets, both in public and in public, the ministry said in a statement to the Ministry of Environment on Friday and public security. That is damaging the environment and increasing the risk of widespread outbreaks, damaging public safety.

The Ministry of Health has asked each region to ensure that people dispose of masks used in the proper places.

The organization has asked for fines for people who wear masks on the sidewalks, sidewalks, sewer lines and other public places of between 3-7 million VND according to the regulations, which impose financial penalties for pollution.

Update: October