Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus On February 12, 2020, he thanked the Cambodian government and people, especially Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen for allowing the ship. Westerdam reports docked in Sihanoukville port

Representatives of the World Health Organization have confirmed that Cambodian participation is a catalyst for unity while the world is in the making. Revs.

US Ambassador to Cambodia Patrck Murphy spoke on Twitter, thanking the prosecutor. The Bank of Cambodia, which has given Westerdam permission to stay in Sihanoukville for tourists, has a large population of Cambodian nationals. The American.

The ship was found to be in the presence of Covid 19 and we were told that it was not carrying any passengers. I would like to express my appreciation for the support provided by the Cambodian authorities.

The cruise ship Ho lland America's MS Westerdam will arrive in Sihanoukville this morning.

An official at Sihanoukville International Port confirmed that the MS Westerdam was arriving near port. Sihanoukville (visual) is communicating with the Relation Radio (Acam).
The ship will dock this morning on February 13 during the 7 o'clock.
The ship, Holland America's MS Westerdam, has a fleet of 1,455 tourists and 802 crew members. Refused to enter because of Corolla Covid-19, but was allowed by the government to park on a local basis. Fair ៕ By: Columbus