Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post US Ambassador to Cambodia, Patrick Murphy, meets with Minister of Interior Sar Kheng on June 26 In May, they discussed cooperation between the two countries, including issues of civil society and democracy in Cambodia.

Meeting with Sar Kheng was a fruitful affair, Murphy wrote on his Twitter account. On issues such as strengthening co-operation, law enforcement, Cambodia-US assistance 11 Millions of dollars that the United States has given Cambodia to combat the disease 19 discussed the importance of a vibrant civil society and The need for enough votes to be included in a democratic society.

The Ministry of Interior's website also stated that during the meeting, Mr. Kheng hoped that the relations between the two countries would be successful. Especially in his term of office, Murphy will continue to grow.

During the meeting, Mr. Kheng told Murphy that Cambodia is accelerating the drafting of a law to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; The Anti-Money Laundering Law by Sar Kheng states that these two laws are important for Cambodia. According to Facebook's Sar Kheng.

The Facebook page said that Murphy had expressed interest in drafting the Cambodian government's anti-corruption law. Technology Mistakes That Murphy Says US Seeks to Send US Experts to Help Cambodia Deliberate Draft this law.

The US Embassy in Cambodia, Emily Zeeberg, told the Post yesterday that the technology breach. Science is a growing threat worldwide, and the US government regularly engages with it. Many governments on this issue of cyber security.

Experts from the US Department of Justice attended a seminar with Cambodian Ministry of Interior officials, she said. From January 2020, to discuss the draft of the Law on Cybercrime in Cambodia.

She added that US Department of Justice experts have shared their ideas as well as best practices online. Internet to ensure that the law protects the freedom of expression, the internet, and the local innovation that will fuel the digital economy. Cambodia is attractive to investors.

“The US Embassy has facilitated the future engagement of technology companies,” she said. Leading the United States to help the Cambodian government understand that they (the US company) can contribute To Cambodia's cyber security efforts as well as to tell them if The law could have an impact on investment decisions, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Chea Pov, director of the Anti-Crime Department, said Wednesday that the draft law was being made. Smooth despite the outbreak of the disease Kov 19 The draft law is about 70 percent complete by 2020, he said.

He said the United States is always helping with the drafting of the bill, and what Patrick Murphy said. When meeting with Sar Kheng, the United States wants to send in experts from its major technology companies to help. Further drafting of the law has been made, but the names of the companies are not yet known.

“They have come to our aid for a long time and they just want to add more experts. They have helped us continuously. In the past they helped with this, they said so, and they explained to us what it meant to put Khmer words correctly. In the sense that they give it. ”