The University of Asia Europe announces the recruitment of international diploma programs for undergraduate and doctoral students from January 2020. Study with nationally and internationally renowned PhDs, experienced and educated by internationally recognized programs and diplomas.

Receive application from the date of this notice. For pre-registration, the discount is $ 200. In addition, alumni of Asia Europe University and civil servants offer a 30% discount.

Selected undergraduate majors include: 1- Business Management, 2-Information Technology, 3-Science Education, 4-Teaching English, 5-Business Administration, 6-Law, 7-Public Administration, 8 International Relations, 9- Political Science, 10- Hotel and Tourism Management, 11- Marketing and 12 Finance and Banking.

Selected PhDs include: 1-Information Technology, 2-Law, 3-Science Education, 4-Agricultural Economics, 5-Science Economics, 6-Business Management, 7- Public Administration, 8- International Relations and Political Science

The University of Asia Europe is training undergraduate and doctoral students who are senior general public officials who are working as civil servants and companies. In particular, there are also foreign students attending undergraduate and doctoral programs.

As mentioned above, all students are welcome to register as soon as possible.

Contact details: Tel: 015 72 00 72, 017 799 889 ៕