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Banteay Meanchey – Two of the three trucks were stuck on National Road 58 in O'Neang village, Sangkat Phsar Kandal, Poipet City. This morning on February 23. Locals cast doubt on the potential for overtaking each other. The three cars are known for only two brands: one, the Ino and the other one Randy. The two cars stuck together, unable to pull apart in the middle of National Road 58, causing congestion. More than two hours because the car can not travel.

Hyderabad is full of land just off the highway, not too well The piano just got stuck in one place. The source said that while the Hyundai car was turning on the highway, another vehicle was driving in the right direction From the west, the Ino is about to turn into the road.

The driver of an Ino said he was "right" and even boasted that he knew the rules were right Driving school and a valid driver's license. On the other side, there was no response to the claims by the automaker, just the car Get stuck in the middle of the road and stand.

However, the above case did not interfere with the competence of the concerned professionals. It was more than two hours later that the driver of the two cars got up, and the driver of the car was suspicious Negotiate by phone to end the problem.

It should be noted that the truck carrying land from O Neang village, Sangkat Phsar Kandal, Poipet City and Ou Chrov district, especially on National Road 58 In the past, there has also been a lot of criticism from locals for the speed of these trucks Pride is like a drug driver, and sometimes compete with each other Harmful to others on the day, locals say, are all Taiwanese.