Takeo: Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport And Traffic Police of Takeo Provincial Police Commissariat continue to issue road traffic law to citizens Under the law, as citizens start to get on the road, vehicles must obey traffic laws in a vital contribution to the government. Reduced mortality or injury and poverty incurred as a result of traffic accidents.

On June 10, 2020, Provincial Department of Public Works and Tram Kak District Police undertook additional education activities on the Road Traffic Law and There are also answers and questions related to helmet use.

On the occasion, the police chief of the provincial police further called on all citizens to respect the law The implementation of the new law applies only to illegal street users and to people who have sufficient documentation or a hat. The safety of the rearview mirror and the license plate, the traffic police do not call, stop or ask for fines, so please all citizens Together we reduce the risk of this accident.