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Apart from having the most political power in the country, some of the leaders are well-off, and they don't have to be Leaders of developed countries and major powers. The following are some of the wealthiest leaders around the world:

1. President Vladimir Putin:
There are many secrets regarding real property under the control of the Russian president, but according to The presidency of Bill Browder, the chief executive officer of Hermitage Capital Management in 2017, said the president was wealthy. Total assets are approximately 200 billion USD That's a year more than billionaire Jeff Bezos, now a wealthy man. The world's richest man. But according to the Russian Federation's Central Election Commission in 2018, he officially earns money. Only $ 673,000 during 2011-2016.

2. Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad:
The 94-year-old Malaysian prime minister is the oldest living prime minister today After he was elected in 2018. There are reports that he has about $ 45 billion in assets, and even has about 50 bank accounts. Around the world. His son, Mokhazani Mahathir, is an entrepreneur with a net worth of $ 325 million.

3. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un:
It is estimated that the leader has totaled $ 5 billion since 2013. During that time, US and South Korean government officials found property and bank accounts owned by leaders He and his family. They found that his assets were deposited in about 200 different bank accounts in China and other countries Russia and Switzerland. Edited by: Sokhuk