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Having a dream or goal to be a successful person is not wrong, but for some people who always want to succeed And never taste of failure, it's not a good thing. On the contrary, according to some successful individuals, the occasional failure is the key to what they are today. The following are some of the millionaires who have failed:

1. Mark Cuban:
According to billionaire and entrepreneur MacBayen, failure is like a learning opportunity. He shared that after graduating from Indiana University, he applied for a layoff and was fired from three consecutive jobs Each one. "People are always good at something, but the most difficult thing is to find that you're good," he said Make sure and try again and again to find it. "When you're 22 and 24, there's nothing to fail," he added.

2. Bill Gates:
With his $ 109 billion fortune, Bill Gates is considered by many people around the world to be a real person He was a success, but he also tasted many failures. The failures did not discourage him, and he said he recognized it as an experience or a challenge Who taught him important lessons. He said in his book, Business @the Speed ​​of Throught: Succeeding in the Digital Economy, “When you accept that bad news is bad Not bad news, but proof that you need to change, you have not lost.

3. Steve Jobs:
Prior to his death, billionaire Steve Jobs helped Apple become the world's largest mobile phone maker in terms of value. . In 2005, he shared his vision with a graduate student at Standford University: “Remembering that I would share Coming soon is one of the most important tools that has helped me make big decisions in life. ” "Any fear of embarrassment or failure is no more important than death, and it does. Let me see what really matters. ” Edited by: Sokhuk