Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Supreme Court yesterday heard the case of a former CNRP activist, Kong Mas, on charges of blasphemy and incitement. The most serious crimes were committed in Phnom Penh during 2019, with both lower courts sentenced to one and a half years in prison.

Trial Chamber Judge Kong Srim read out the Supreme Court's record in the courtroom in the absence of the accused and in front of Sam Sokong, defense counsel. The rights of the accused that the accused Kong Mas wrote a message critical of the leadership of the Royal Government of Cambodia. The accused were arrested in Phnom Penh during 2019.

Judge Kong Mas has been heard by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court and heard the verdict on October 18, 2019 Convicted of one-and-a-half years in prison, charged with blasphemy and incitement to commit a crime in accordance with Articles 495 and 502 Of the Penal Code.

The accused, however, did not agree with the sanction, and he appealed to the Court of Appeal on 23 March. By 2020, the court will uphold the verdict.

The accused was not satisfied and appealed to the Supreme Court. In the absence of the accused, Chum Sam, the prosecutor's representative, said that the defendants at the Appeal Court had confessed, Related to texting on the contact in his Facebook account.

“Therefore, the appeal court's verdict is in accordance with the law. I still maintain the Appeal Court's order. ”

Mr. Sam Sokong, a lawyer for the defendants, concludes that his client has appealed to the Supreme Court this time because He was unhappy with the Court of Appeals decision regarding a one-and-a-half year sentence. His client felt that the trial did not give him justice.

The lawyer says to the prosecutor that his client has admitted to the Court of Appeal, it is not his client at the hearing. At the Appeal Court, the judge told the judge that he had really written a critique of the country's leadership. The case that led his client to write a letter criticizing the government came after the dissolution of the CNRP during 2017.

“He was just writing to criticize, but not insulting the court,” Sokong said. In a democratic country, citizens have the right to speak. He asked the people not to vote without the CNRP. ”

Lawyer Sokong concluded that his client was a citizen and had the right to express himself and to political rights Only. As a lawyer, he asked the Supreme Court to overturn the Appeal Court's verdict and release his client.

Presiding Judge You Yuthara said after the hearing that the verdict was announced on July 15.

Kol Samat, 35, the wife of Mas Mas, also told the court outside the courtroom yesterday that the case was unfair for her husband. But her husband saw something wrong in society, he also criticized and he had to have the right to express his opinion in order to build on it A Cambodian citizen.