Phnom Penh, February 6, 2020 – The Supreme Council of the Disaster CouncilAnd suggested that the meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts have been proposed to change the law and change the name of the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Technology. Meeting with Industry and Handicrafts Delegation and Attending Meeting on Investment Projects for the Construction of Three Coal Dots Busting a 700 MW project in Koh Kong 1 project in the Oddar Meanchey province has 265 megawatts of power, including the project in the province of Siem Reap is 230 megawatts.

The meeting will take place at the Peace Palace, the Council of Ministers, in a meeting with the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, including Mr. William, Member of the Council of Ministers, and The CPP provides two main points:

1: The creation of the name of the ministry is an extension of the competence that they seem to overlap with the Ministry of Education and the Royal Academy of Parliament. This section covers the role of other institutions.

2: It is wrong for the Ministry of Industry and Culture to be an official of the sub-sector of the economy but to seize the power of the sector. Theology is a big field, so is the science field.

At the meeting with the Ministry of Mines and Energy, I questioned and commented on such issues as:
At the last meeting four months ago when the Ministry presented the electricity purchase plan from Laos, I recommended the use of the facilities. Existing districts are more profitable than coal, but at that time, the Minister said that Cambodia had a lot of coal and borrowed, and even though I expressed concern. It is reported that in Oudong province there is coal available However, the Minister refused but now comes up with a plan to invest in a coal company in Oddar Meanchey. The important point is that I do not understand that if there is any, there should be no black and white as such.

"I would like to give a short comment. I applaud the development of the electricity industry. I am happy but I hope that all the projects that come to the meeting are ready." This will not affect the state's land benefits if properly resolved.

At this point, the minister claimed that the projects were land they bought from the people and had no impact.