Phnom Penh: HE Dr. Mam Bunheng, Minister of Health, on the evening of June 25th By 2020, this initiative has begun to call on all citizens to continue to take measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Take care of the Kod-19 carefully so that you do not have a measles-19 disease that can lead to death. Also lost their lives.

According to a report by the World Health Organization on June 24, 2020, there have been cases of polio-19 cases approaching 10 million people will have nearly half a million deaths.

HE Dr. O Vandin, Secretary of State and spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia, said that the death toll was mainly caused by Severity of patient's respiratory tract infection by the Kovirus-19 virus that causes patients Difficulty breathing, ventilator problems, ventilation problems, and loss of ability to breathe. Self-paralysis, hemorrhage, and death.

In such a situation (as shown in the attached photo), the doctor is difficult to save And most of the lesions are not salvageable. Therefore, only protection against the virus Kov-19 can save an individual from getting out of WaiLu The severity of the coronavirus-19 virus causes death.

Take extra precautions to be taken, especially to avoid crowded spaces in air-conditioned enclosures. Windshield wipers must be worn, if necessary, clean hand hygiene and maintain social safety and personal safety gaps. More than one and a half meters is necessary in order to prevent the second wave of the virus transmission. This V-19 ៕ By: Kolab