The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training has issued a notice of suspensionHoliday in time for National New Year 2020 Civil Servants Wanting to Help Their Family Self-Love and Family-Residents Have to Work Normally 5 Days During the New Year Kovid.

The Ministry of Labor added that four days off during the National New Year holiday on April 13, 14, 15 and 16, 2020 Was postponed. The Royal Government has set the number of days off to be paid back in 5 days.

Regarding the Announcement of Holiday in the Occasion of the Khmer New Year, HE Heng Sour Spokesman and Secretary of Ministry Career and Vocational Training wrote a message on the official Facebook page that, while issuing the notice, a number of people had been raised Question: Q1-If The factory had to shut down and the workers had gone home. How? Answer: Please continue to follow the spirit of the Ministry or Labor Department's permit to suspend the employment contract until the end of the contract. Q2- If the workers still want to stop and ask for a factory law, what is the factory doing? Answer: If properly filed, the factory can have him / her terminated by deduction from his / her 18-day annual leave.

However, I would like to appeal and request that all be aware that medical evaluation is good, he said. At this stage, if you want to help your family, love yourself, and love your family, you must continue your normal work. The state will refund the holiday for five days when Kovid is over.

Q- Is working on April 13, 14, 15, and 16 a regular job? Answer: According to the government's decision and the notification of the ministry, April 13-16, this year is considered a 100% regular workday as A typical day. (But in the future, if the state sets a time limit of 5 days, New Year's Day and if it is within 5 days) The factory is paid by workers over 100%) ៕ By: Kolab