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Phnom Penh: People certainly remember Phnom Penh authorities' "street rescue campaign" in public order management Safe for both pedestrian and vehicle travel.

In the past, authorities used announcements or appeals to do the work, with sometimes poor results. So far, the street rescue campaign is unlikely to work out, but the authorities will soon have a sword This is the law of public order.

The Ministry of Interior is reviewing the draft law on public order. Interior Ministry officials said the legislation was aimed at "maintaining public order, hygiene, hygiene, environment and tranquility." Social safety and the preservation of national tradition and the dignity of the people ”.

In addition, the law applies to all activities related to public order in the Kingdom. Cambodia.

Interior Minister General Khieu Sopheak told the Koh Santepheap that the draft law would bring order to the national society, especially Some bad habits in society, such as getting a wedding on a public street or taking a business venture Which affect the safety of the public.

“The law can force people to obey, because under the law, there are penalties,” he said. Fine and educated. This law will provide our society with order and environment.
We have seen everyone and now on the streets can do everything in their way to the cremation Roads also exist. The law of public order will prepare the wrong things. ”

Khieu Sopheak denied suggestions that a public order draft could restrict civil liberties. He added that the law is aimed at strengthening the safety of citizens.

The draft law contains 8 chapters and 47 articles. Lt. Gen. Ouk Kim, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Interior, was in charge of public order planning during the recent draft law review. It has been suggested that this draft law on public order is important and comprehensive because it relates to everyday life and social order. ៕