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A man in India who was bitten by a cobra has bitten his wife's hand, according to News Week. His last wish was for his wife to follow him.

Shankar Rai was sleeping at his home in Samastipur district, about 60 miles north of Patna in the state. Bihar when he was bitten by a snake.

In the morning his condition worsened. Fearing he didn't have much time, he took his wife's hand, Amiri Devi, and said he wanted his wife. Dead together.

He bit down deep in his wife's wrist, thinking venom might have gone from his teeth to his wife's blood . Then they fainted.

If one of the witnesses described the doctor's rescue and sent the patient to the hospital. The husband lost his life because doctors were helpless, while his wife survived.

She said: “He told me he loved me very much and wanted to die together before he arrested A. My hands are bitten. I also allowed him to bite. "

This is so unique! ៕ Excerpt from the website: newsweek (Edited by: Bopha)