Phnom Penh: A number of corrupt and powerful officials are rejoicing And taking advantage of state and citizens' land, including persecuting the weak while the Kuwaiti 19 situation is too busy The institutions of Cambodia, in particular, also have a number of conscience-less businessmen taking advantage of this opportunity.

According to HE William, the President of the Khmer Party and member of the Council of Ministers and Consultants issued a message at March 30, 2020.

But, he said, do not expect an escape, as the situation has started to improve gradually, and today the figures for the number of cases are increasing At least the figure of the coronavirus 19 is growing.

“In the past, I have observed some of the negatives and inaction of some of the officials involved in the implementation of the combat mission. Against polio 19 But as a political morality, I am not criticizing at the moment, only encouraging them to work together to solve the problem First of all, only after setting up Everything's going to change for the better, too. ”៕ By: Wisdom