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Phnom Penh: Despite her sexy dress, Sonia has a sexy look that can make her seem Free from criticism. And what is interesting is not to forget that Sonata has dared to show off her breasts. You have nosebleeds and bloody nose, not so much the boys, especially.

Many fans are well aware that Sonita is one of the most famous Cambodian actress in the country and nicknamed "Royal." Nicodemus, ”too. The actor has so far been well-received by the general public and has always appeared on various shows. That breaks.

Recently, Sonia has gained a lot of popularity and interest in fashion studios with sexy clothes. Her soft flesh and slender figure. With multiple photos of the actress, Fen was almost fuming.

Viewing this rare image, the viewer does not seem to feel guilty of dragging the boat and feels it is acceptable. Especially one who has ever seen Sonia in such a light suit and released a suit. This is even more beautiful.

Although she shows off her charismatic style, the "queen" does not give up on her promotional strategies Our Khmer scarf continues to grow. (Edited by: Bopha)