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Phnom Penh: The Senate has announced its support for the Royal Government's fight against the disease. According to a Senate spokesman.

Senate Speaker Mam Bunneang said in an interview with the media on the morning of April 23, 2020. “We have supported and encouraged the government to fight the disease 19, and we see the current results. This is because of the wisdom and the care "It's been 10 days high and no one has been infected with the disease."

Compared to those infected with the HIV / AIDS virus 19, Cambodia has no deaths from its member countries ASEAN. This shows the success of the measures taken by the head of government. Therefore, both the leaders of the Senate, the members and the committees have always supported and provided encouragement and confidence in the Royal Government.

The Senate spokesman also said that the senators had previously provided education to needy people in local areas such as materials. Prevented Ivory 19 contains water, water, alcohol, rice, etc.

The senator's declaration of support after the Royal Government has put in place the following 19 anti-coronary measures It is good that there have been a number of infections so far, with 110 of them so far. A total of 1,221 people nationwide were left unaccounted for Only two were hospitalized in the capital and provincial hospitals.