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According to John Sculley, an advisor to entrepreneurs, tech investors and former Apple executives, That you don't need to find many strategies to be successful because all you need to know is three words Only.
He recently advised Thomas Jefferson University graduates in the United States to choose life Who have clear goals.

He understood the importance of living with a clear goal in the 1980s, when Bill Gates was a billionaire. Gates and Steve Jobs are known for helping others through technology.
Skili even left Pepsi to Apple in 1983, when Jobs asked him, "Do you want to sell water?" Sugar for life or you want to change the world with me? "

He acknowledged that he did not understand the concept of changing the world at that time, but now lives A life full of clear goals is really important as people get busier and it becomes easier. If you do not have any specific goals for life other than personal goals, Skili suggests you be open What a world it is. That means you should keep a good mindset and be open to all the possibilities in life.

Admittedly, success is not everything in life, and Scoli shared that the boundary between success and failure is Really thin. And sometimes people fail first and then succeed. But Jobs once said that half of all that distinguishes between successful entrepreneurs and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is patience.