Phnom Penh: Through these two videos, the cops are not paying attention or giving up They should be referred to the court for legal action, according to Phan Vannak on January 17th.

Excessive student gangster violence against female students at Phsar Doeum Thkov University has been arrested.
It was a shock on January 16, 2020, after seeing a video of a group of schoolgirls, mostly girls, brutally assaulting a female student.
Immediately after the video was released, the Chamkar Morn police discovered that the case had occurred at the market at Deak Thkov, December 25, 2019.

In connection with the violence, four gang girls were arrested and sent to Chamkar Morn police station for questioning.

Keo Sothea, prosecutor of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, said that the case had been given to law enforcement.

Local authorities on January 16, 2020 detained four female students for questioning and legal action after assaulting, kicking and insulting a female student at the university. Phnom Penh Shopping Center, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh.

On the afternoon of January 16, 2020, the victim's family and family brought their children to the police to intervene and detain them for questioning. The incident took place at Phsar Doeum Thkov High School in Phsar Doeum Thkov commune, Chamkar Mon district.

According to law enforcement, the 8th grade victim, Srun Keo Morakot, 16, lives in the marketplace of Phum Doeum Thkov, 3 4 30. A group of four students in the ninth grade, calling on three outside universities to attack the victims More.

According to the victim's family, the incident occurred on December 25, 2019 at the Phum Plum High School. After physically assaulting the victim with a leg and head, the mob further threatened the victim. The victim did not go to school as the body was fully clothed.

According to the mother, the victim claimed that he had not filed a complaint yet, only on the afternoon of January 16, 2020 that a picture was posted on Facebook. After learning that his son had a female pupil, he said that the mother had later intervened and searched for the police. Violent video clips and nos Girl students 4. The victim's mother did not want the kingdom to criminalize her child, but wanted to educate her and her parents not to resort to violence. The other girls.

Separately, the perpetrators have been sent to Phnom Penh Municipal Police and are awaiting further action on whether the court will charge them. Or what?
Today, however, a new video of the same girl was attacked and viciously attacked.
This is the second time that a gangster girl has done a disgusting act in society after the first case happened in April's district, Prey Veng.