Although the Kingdom of Cambodia and the People's Republic of China In the Struggle Against the Global Epidemic, Dr. Sok Sopheak, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Commerce, and his Chinese counterpart Yang Zhengwei, deputy director-general of the Ministry of Commerce, has opened the second round of talks on the Cambodia-China Free Trade Agreement (Video Conference). .

The purpose of this meeting is to monitor and monitor the progress of each sub-group's negotiations and to review and provide policy solutions Important to conclude the negotiations by 2020.

The two sides vowed to continue to support each other in the fight against the infectious disease, which has caused the economy 19 The region and the world are in a deep decline, affecting the lives of our people and agreeing that it will end Cambodia-China Free Trade Negotiations Will support the rehabilitation of the economy of the two countries as well as economies of the countries in the region.

Both sides appreciated the progress and achievements made by the ten working groups, albeit in the short term and in the circumstances of both countries The two are facing challenges but still achieving good results by agreeing on key areas such as investment cooperation, economic cooperation and technology. Belt and Road Initiative and e-commerce.

With regard to the rules of origin, customs, customs procedures and trade facilitation, hygiene and sanitation, non-tariff barriers, both parties have agreed in principle Continue to discuss some of the most controversial points by video and email at least mid-May 2020.

For the key chapters, including trade in goods and services, the two sides exchanged views on the challenges and interests of each country That will give each other softness.
The leaders of the two countries' negotiators advised the sub-task force to accelerate discussions and resolve these remaining issues, albeit systematically Online is also aiming to complete more new chapters ahead of the next meeting scheduled for June.

The two sides welcomed the strong commitment of the two countries to play active roles despite obstacles to the meeting. This online meeting gives both teams the opportunity to accelerate their work towards achieving the mandate. Given by the head of government Both countries for the common good of both peoples.

The third working group meeting is scheduled to be held in June 2020