Phnom Penh: Samdech Krasaing Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of InteriorThe Royal Government of Cambodia supports the sharing of experiences that Cambodia has gained in the process of development of Cambodia, especially the work of administrative reform. Sub-national with East Timor.

Speaking at a meeting with HE Ermenegildo Kupa Lopes, the new Ambassador The newly appointed East Timor-Leste Republic of the Kingdom of Cambodia on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at the Ministry of Interior .

The two countries have a similar history, especially in the process of national reconciliation and reconciliation, he said. Kram Krolom also added that for the progress that Cambodia is making now, there are some things that the Royal Government is trying to pay special attention to. Human resource development work because Cambodia's human resources were completely destroyed during the genocide.

At the same time, Samdech Krasaeng also supported the creation of an alliance city to expand cooperation in the field of sub-national administration. This gets even more intense.

His Excellency Ahmadi Gedi Kolpa Pisa said that Cambodia and Timor-Leste pass through similar history as countries. Used to go through intense wars. He also praised Cambodia for its good economic progress after the end of the war.

He considered Cambodia as an example and hopes that in his diplomatic term he will work closely with relevant partners and the Ministry of Interior. To learn from the experiences of Cambodia in order to build on the development of East Timor, as Cambodia has experienced. Same difficulty in its history. He would also like to thank Cambodia for its strong support for East Timor joining the Association of Southeast Asian Nations at this time. Ago. How you will work hard in your mandate to create an exchange between East Timor's local leaders for education Explore Cambodia's experience in the field of public administration reform for local development in East Timor. He also praised Samdech Krom Kreut as leader of the Ministry of Interior and one of the leaders in the work of the sub-national administrative reform. In Cambodia, and through the progress of sub-national reforms that have been achieved in the past, great results have been achieved.

By: Kolab