Phnom Penh: Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen laid out four key strategic goals and 8 recommendations to improve the efficiency of the Ministry of Labor Surface.

At the closing of the Meeting for Reviewing the Work Results for 2019 and the 2020 Ministry of Interior's Inaugural Meeting, which was held at the Ministry of Interior on February 20, 2020, Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen Laid out four key strategic goals to be achieved:

First, the ongoing commitment to maintain and maintain peace, independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity, security, social order and macroeconomic stability and promote the full rights of all citizens.

Second, to further promote the process of pluralistic democracy by ensuring peace and sustainable development of the nation and building harmony with all nations in the society.

Third, continue to educate the people on the practice and exercise of the right to freedom of expression, by defending the Constitution, protecting the monarchy, defending the monarchy, the constitution and the political system in Cambodia. The law must be strengthened and equitably enforced.

Fourth, deepening the effectiveness of reform in all areas in line with the motto "Internal reform, enhancing external friendships in the spirit of independence" and "mirror, bath, brush, treat and cure" approaches.

At the closing of this afternoon's meeting, Prime Minister Hun Sen provided the following eight guidelines and recommendations:

1) To maintain peace, stability, public order and social security, strengthen businessmen's confidence in investing in and doing business in Cambodia, ensuring full security for all national and international events organized in Cambodia to prevent terrorism. And transnational crimes.

2) To further promote the implementation of the Village-Commune Safety Policy, to mobilize people to join forces, authorities to prevent, prevent and suppress illegal drugs, theft, murder, robbery, armed robbery, trafficking. People ផ្លូវភេទ Sexual Exploitation, Logging and Illegal Occupation, Fishing Offenses វ Bio Concessions illegal sand mining and business.

3) To co-operate effectively with the spirit of high responsibility in promoting road traffic law enforcement to be widely publicized and to promote traffic law nationwide to reduce traffic accidents. Max.

4) Continuing to promote measures governing immigration-related activities to prevent the spread of terrorism, transnational crime aimed at strengthening national security and social order by enhancing the effective and effective management of immigrant foreigners in accordance with the law. .

5) Effective implementation of sub-national administrative reforms through coordination with various programs and ministries and institutions concerned to transfer financial resources, assets in accordance with decentralization to ensure structure and management system. Municipal, district and Khan administrations operate smoothly and efficiently. Sub-national governments must promote innovative ownership in the management of the use of transferred functions and resources, and to meet the needs of the people.

6) Continue to pay attention to training, capacity building for civil servants, national police forces and officials at sub-national administrations to provide new skills, knowledge and practical knowledge, especially social services, administrative services Security, and essential public services are transparent, accountable, and effective

7) According to the forecast of 2020, our country will have a hot climate and the arrival of the rainy season will be slower than usual. Therefore, ministries, institutions, and sub-national administrations must evaluate the source of water for everyday life of local people based on the Royal Government's directive on taking care of water to prepare Characteristics of interventions to address the daily water use of local people There is a shortage of water, timely access to wildfires and drought prevention.

8) Continue to strengthen the relationship between the Royal Government and the people. Action must be taken to address the challenges and get people's requests properly and timely.