Banteay Meanchey: In relation to the disease of Kod 19, the Kremlin said For those who are suspected of having a serious illness, the government has no choice but to isolate them for Monitoring and treatment, and the Prime Minister, for the solution of the problem, apart from existing public hospitals, the Royal Government has appointed governors to set up facilities. For m Separate accommodation and treatment of citizens in each town by building schools, centers and some hotels.

On the morning of Thursday, March 26, 2020, Minister of Interior HE Sar Kheng had a personal meeting with officials of the organization and institutions. Officials working on border gates in Cambodia-Thailand border in Banteay Meanchey province At the police checkpoint, Banteay Meanchey province.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister Krasach Kheng said that the presence of the Samdech and the leaders of the Ministry of Interior were on this occasion to come together. Highly encouraged leaders and officials of the organizations and institutions working at the border gates in the province Meanchey, especially in the situation of the fight against cholesterol, 19.

On behalf of the Royal Government, in particular on behalf of Samdech Techo and the Prime Minister, he would like to express his thanks and appreciation to civil servants. The security forces and relevant stakeholders who have worked hard to fulfill this task and maintain order and security for the motherland The border states and the citizens of the country have done business and travel safely and securely.

He also highlighted the ongoing epidemic of the disease, which has been taking place in almost all countries around the world, while drugs Treatments and vaccines have yet to be found in any country. He added that although some patients have been cured, the world is still concerned about the rate of infections. The new and the dead continue to grow.

He said China is now at the center of the first outbreak of the disease. Challenges in Europe and the US, while ASEAN countries also have patients in every country, only less and more, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. There are many cases of this disease The UN has been working on a series of measures to put the country in a state of emergency.

The prince stressed that the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the disease were to reduce communication and assembly between citizens and not In other countries, Cambodia has also implemented school closures, club closures, karaoke clubs and other recreations, suspension of religious programs, meetings and events. Meeting Ch It has also introduced education measures to keep people alert in every way – on television, radio, websites and through Village mobile microphone injection.

Regarding measures to close the land border with Thailand and Vietnam, Kratom said that despite blocking both entrances and citizens Allowed for shipment of goods under strict medical conditions. The prince also reiterated that the return of Cambodian people to Thailand was due to Thai authorities. Decided to close some jobs, they were scared and came back.

Regarding his return, Kratie said, "There are still Khmer people from Thailand, Laos and Thailand. Vietnam is coming into the country gradually and we absolutely cannot deny our Khmer people back into the country. For those who have returned to their villages, the commune and village authorities have investigated them and asked them separately. To monitor health.

Regarding the return to the country through the gate of Banteay Meanchey province, the prince advised that all our officials must strive to fulfill their conscientious duties. In accepting Khmer people, we need to be gentle, gentle, non-verbal, harsh or difficult because they are difficult. It's hard He decided to return home. The prince advised them to identify them in a way that was easy for them to find if there were any problems related to the disease.

At the same time, Kratom also said that the principle of cooperation between Cambodia and Thailand has not changed, which is what happened. Urgent crisis facing Kuwait 19, which requires both parties to understand each other to ensure the interests of the people and Both countries. Samdech Hun Sen urges Banteay Meanchey Provincial Government to continue exchanging information with Thai side to tackle new challenges This: By: Kolab