Cycle: to implement mitigation and response measures On February 25, 2020, the Royal Government of Cambodia, with the Ministry of Economy and Finance as its Chief Minister, has issued an official letter. Ask the NGO to apply for an extra day of travel to those who purchase tickets for the tour.

In the letter, the Ministry of Economy stated that the Royal Government had decided to extend the duration of the visit to the area for foreign tourists. The following types of tickets are available: 2-day tickets are available for 2 days. Tickets for the three-day event are available up to 5 days. The 7-day ticket is available for 10 days.

With an additional day of travel, the tourism period is four months from February 25, 2020.

The Angkor Tour Package stays the same, with a one-day entry fee of $ 37. Three-day tickets cost $ 62 and seven-day tickets cost $ 72. By: Columbus