(Phnom Penh): Brigadier General, Commander-in-Chief and Singapore Commander Expressed their warm and cordial greetings, recalling the past fruitful cooperation of friendly relations between the two countries. Both Cambodia and Singapore.

RCAF Commander-in-Chief General Vong Peksin, General Secretary of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, on the afternoon of January 20, 2020; Borei and the delegation met with the courtesy call and a discussion at the headquarters.

Gen. Vong Pensen highlighted the past in which Cambodia, after decades of war, wreaked havoc on infrastructure. And human resources. But after the liberation day of January 7, 1979, especially the political victory of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia achieved full peace and society. National development in all fields. In particular, the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) has been making significant progress in strengthening the national defense capacity as well as regional and regional integration. On the international stage. In fact, Cambodia has become a country that has sent many forces and experts to the United Nations peacekeeping operations since 2006 The Commander-in-Chief thanked the Republic of Singapore for its support to the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces on human resource training and assisting with settlement Some more.

In response, Major General Guzhihu thanked the Commander-in-Chief for sharing his knowledge of developments on peace. The Cambodian general, in which the general considered peace, was valuable and came with difficulty as an army Common duties of care Okay. In particular, he emphasized that the two countries' military ties are well established and that there is much to be done. Keep cooperating. By: Kolab