Battambang: General Hun Manet considers his training sectorThe Royal Cambodian Armed Forces is one of the priority areas of its reform aimed at modernizing and enhancing the professionalism of the military to ensure effective protection of the armed forces. Sovereignty, territorial integrity, peace, security and public order as well as development in all sectors in Cambodia.

The closing ceremony of the 75mm DKZ 100mm mortar rounds and a general training course at the Brigade The 52nd Infantry Division made this morning at the Headquarters of the 52nd Infantry Brigade located in the village of Meas Meas commune Golden Road, Ratanak Mondul District, Battambang Province.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Hun Manet, asked all units to pay attention. Properly put in place, explain and instruct military personnel regularly to avoid losing their mastery over the equipments. Aptitude, sensation, and attraction It is by constant education, strengthening the position, and not letting minor issues dominate the common issues: peacekeeping and peace. Undertaking the duties of the motherland. As for incentives, the government has always been paying close attention. In the meantime, General Hun Mann spoke about the win-win policy that ended the armed conflict in the country. Cambodia, which has been around for decades, in which all parties are victims. Now the war is over, but if we neglect to prevent the psychological war, it could endanger the armed forces again. . He also stressed the value of peace that comes from sacrificing lives. When there is peace, the value of peace may be forgotten or overlooked, prompting them to believe, to believe, and to be quick. So while living in this happiness we have to thank peace, know the value of peace and keep it from getting trivial. That we can solve. We can lose anything but we can't lose trust, love and commitment to protect the future, Hun Manet said. Possibility. Peace in Cambodia will continue to be strong