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Battambang: Four suspects involved in drug trafficking over 5kg and were seized by police on Wednesday January 15, 2013 – Officials were handed over to the prosecutor's office near the provincial court on January 17 How to ask. According to the provincial anti-drug police officer.

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The four people involved in the drug trafficking case are:
Ean Hak Leng, 19, lives in O'Char village, O'Char commune, Battambang city
Noeun Vannak, 19, lives in Kbal Pha Village, Chrey Commune, Thmor Kol District.
Heang Sivorn, 31, lives in Prey Kok Sek village, O'Char commune.
4-year-old Hor Odom, 46, lives in Dangkor low village, Sangkat Toul Ta Ek, Battambang city.

According to the history of Hor, this is a famous drug trafficker. He has only been out of prison for a few months and is now due to return to his wife The same drug offenses. Brig. Gen. Koy Heang, deputy chief of the provincial anti-drug charge, said in a statement that the four drug traffickers Anti-Narcotics Unit cooperated with Battambang Municipal Police in continuous crackdown from 4 pm until 8 am on the 15th of the month At various places in Tamil champions City.

He said many of the drugs were seized by police on their first arrest on the street and others. He was found in the house of the ringleader, Hordom. The operation is led by Nuon San, the prosecutor at the provincial court and the provincial prosecutor. According to the summative report of Sok Nimol, Acting Director of Police Office, Anti-narcotics province says there is 5.8 kg of ICE (ice).

In addition, there are other types of drugs, scales for 2 drugs, 2 cars, one motor and packaging materials. Some other drugs. Mr. Nimol confirmed that the questioning of the suspects had been completed and the case was ready. In principle
Commissioner ordered the special office to send all four suspects, including exhibits, to the provincial court on the afternoon of January 17 ៕