An important principle concerning the leadership of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world and the director Amazon's executives, too, are lacking, bringing ingenuity, self-reliance and innovation.

It's a principle that helped him build the largest company in the world and a lesson he learned at a young age. While working on his grandfather's farm in Texas during the school holidays.

He shared earlier this year: "I learned a lot from my grandfather because he was a self-reliant person. And people are very talented, and I think most people in the countryside are really like that. They can do everything on their own. ”

He added that this self-reliance has greatly affected him. As a young man, Bessos and his grandfather did everything from planting poles and repairing tools themselves.

This experience taught Bessos: “When you fail, you must get up and try to do it. Again. Every time you get up and try again, you are using your skills, you are using your self-reliance. Yours. "You are trying to make a way out of a box."

And these principles helped Bess and Amazon so much that he became a richer man. He has a net worth of $ 178 billion, according to Bloomberg.