PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) – The Royal Academy of Professional Courts on January 21, 2020 The results of the six candidates for the 10th Grade Student Exam No Irregularities Regarding their results, the sum of all 6% of the players' scores is 100% accurate. Contest orders and procedures to ensure accuracy Transparency and trust in principle (the most knowledgeable are the ones).

According to the announcement, the Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Royal Academy of Vocational Training on December 26, 2019 assigned A forum composed of the Ministry of Justice and the Royal Academy of Professional Affairs to review applications. There will be transparency in the outcome of the candidates 6 who have not received the results of Cho success in the competitive exam recruiting students next judge. 1 0

The Royal Academy for Vocational Training has confirmed that the process of contesting the 10th generation of students was conducted Follow rules and procedures of competition to ensure transparency, transparency and trust in principle (competent authority) The highest knowledge is all). The whole examination process was attended by the Anti-Defamation League. The process involves: 1. The issuance and selection of written materials is based on guaranteed guidelines. It is said that this manuscript has not been discontinued. 2) The process of writing the exams was done according to the rules and received strict and thorough supervision to ensure that there was no plagiarism. And upload any files to the application. The retention of the candidate's worksheet is based on the principle that there is no safe way out. Any form or addition of any work is necessary. 4 – The process of editing a contractor's work must ensure that the worksheet is not properly identified. Through the removal of the head of the transaction and the registration code. In addition to the anonymity of the worksheet, revision of the worksheet must be done by an experienced technician. Double Double Correction to ensure the accuracy of the scoring and in accordance with the principle of independence and discretion of the practitioner 5) The process of personalization must ensure that every candidate is an individual. The interviewers were identified through lottery and lottery numbers. Each candidate. In the meantime, in order to ensure the accuracy of the rating, the Board of Directors shall have three and five officers in each position. Grading is often made on the basis of the independence and discretion of each member of the Board. 6. Score, Score, Score and Outcome shall ensure that no points are added to or reduced by any candidate in accordance with the cow The principle of scoring and summing immediately after the exam is completed without delay, and ensuring anonymity during the process. Of citations and bonus points. At the same time, the result of the competition is announced shortly after the completion of the competition.

The Royal Academy of Professional Judges announced that to ensure transparency, fairness and confidence in the implementation of the principles Each of the cases mentioned above is fully and actively involved in the investigation of the Anti-Terrorism Unit. It doesn't matter. Based on the principles laid down by the Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Board of Directors The Royal Academy of Professional Studies reviewed the applications of the six candidates above and found that No abnormalities were found that violated the above guidelines The performance scores, citations, and summaries of the six candidates were verified to be 100% accurate.
The team met with six candidates who applied for the above directly, of whom 5 were candidates. Contest the rules and procedures of the competition and receive the cost reports for the transaction process. The contest is on the selection of the 10th generation of students. In particular, one in six candidates decided to leave without joining the other candidates for a reason and explanation. The principle of the competition and the results of the audit of the Working Group.

The Royal Academy of Professional Judges highly appreciates the efforts of all the candidates involved. Contribute to the 10th generation of students and encourage the unsuccessful candidates to take the competition. Continue your efforts to compete in the next competition. By: Columbus

Press release by the Royal Academy of Professionalism: Court dated Thursday, December 25, 2019, December 26, 2019: