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The relics of the Buddha are placed in the stupa on the top of the present-day hill, or kingdom. Highly venerated by Buddhist Cambodians, it is considered a sacred jewel for worship. That is priceless.

The relics are the Buddha and represent the coolest for Cambodia. The relics are a very important jewel. For Cambodians who are Buddhist, the relics are part of the body of God. Meditation is a great worship High.

All Buddhists respect and value the relics of the Buddha, he said. So much is to honor His grace, or His supreme virtue, As He is merciful and compassionate in The Sermon on the Mount explains Bishop common sense of justice and emancipation from suffering.

Buddhist scholars have stated that after the Buddha Nirvana, Buddhists worshiped his qualities by using the Dharma which He showed and practiced the worship of the Buddha, the Dharma of the Holy One, who sat under the Dharma. The tree was ever enlightened and revered God Level placements Palace relics and honor the Lord Buddha.

All of these treasures are sacred places of Buddhism that make the country cool and the people live in peace. San Sarin