Tourism contributes significantly to improving the national economy and people's lives. But byThe cholera outbreak has caused a sharp decline in tourism in both Cambodia and the world.

In the light of the recent outbreak of Kov 19, the Ministry of Tourism and the private sector are taking a break in this regard: Find out new ideas and tourist destinations by creating a local tourism promotion program through a tour package to promote local tourism District.

Press Conference on Promoting Domestic Travel through Tour Packages, Supported by Charming Cambodia Tours, Forest Harmony and Z Om Pharin, a representative of CATA Cambodia Association and CEO of Charming Cambodia Tours, said the tour package is an internal and avenue Great to promote tourism, especially domestic tourism, while overseas travel is closed. He said this is an opportunity to create travel packages and help Cambodians who want to travel to choose a package of tours. At a special price, the trip is more expensive than a family trip. He emphasized that the main purpose of promoting domestic tourism through the package of tours is to promote internal tourism to the Cambodian people As well as expatriates living in Cambodia for domestic tours of the Kuwaiti circumstances, 19 when out of the country.

Om Pharin added that this special tour package – customer care, lodging, dining or travel, etc. – has helped cut through. Decrease the use of personal vehicles to single vehicles and benefit from cultural, historical, property and infrastructure development. In some provinces, scout the local eco-tourism from the main tourist potential areas such as the plantations, pepper farms, Kampot pepper fields, salt fields and others. The tour package is different from family tours, he said, because in some places family outings don't allow easy access. No.

Regarding the promotion of domestic tours through this package of tours, HE Chhun Makara, Deputy Secretary General and Managing Director of Transport Agency and Guide Tourism Minister and Tourism Minister HE Thong Khon said the program was in line with the Ministry of Tourism's policy of encouraging travel. Enjoy more because it promotes more spending and staying up to date helps with economic flow. Cambodia and its people.

Moreover, HE Chhun Makara emphasized that the tourism industry must also pay attention to the rules and principles of prevention and control. Also, the infection has been identified and the ministry has taken measures to close or suspend businesses.

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