Phnom Penh: In the morning of June 1, 2020 when travelingCrossing from Ream Bay to Otres Beach, Prime Minister of Cambodia officially names three tourist attractions officially .

1) "Khmer Can Do" This word is engraved on the wall of the mountain, which intersects the mountain, making its way down and turning left. Down the hill, head down towards Otres Beach.

2) The "rock god" is a large rock in the middle of the road as it descends from the mountain road. Under.

3) The "love tree" is after passing a rocky tree and down a little, a large tree grows in the middle. The middle of the road has a concrete enclosure already secured.

Samdech Techo said: "The beautiful natural scenery along the road, moving up and down the mountain in the Ream Bay area, is a tourist attraction." Very much hope to become one of the most popular and most popular tourist destinations in the near future. ”

By: Columbus