The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Finance reviewed gasoline prices as of 3 pm on Friday, the third consecutive rise so far.

The retail price of the E5 RON 92 increased from 988 VND / liter to 13,390 VND / liter (US $ 0.57), while the price of RON 95 petrol rose from 955 VND / liter to 1,960 USD. At 14,080 dong a liter.

According to the Vietnam News, on June 12, 2020, diesel and petrol prices also increased by 766 dong and 853 dong to 11,515 dong and 9,610 dong respectively. One liter respectively. Meanwhile, diesel price of 830 dong per liter rose to 10,322 dong.
The two ministries are reviewing fuel prices every 15 days to keep domestic prices up to date in global markets.

In the two weeks prior to June 12, global oil prices rose between 21 and 19 percent.

Two weeks ago, global oil prices rose $ 39.56 a barrel on RON92 and RON95 at $ 42.4 a barrel.

The ministry has decided to increase the cost of the fund to stabilize the price of 100 dong per liter, E5 RON 92 and 400 dong 95 liters.
Update: October