Update: October

MANILA, Philippines – Nearly 500 Chinese tourists who arrived in Kalibo, Aklan from Wuhan, China, will be returned this week, a Philippine aviation official said today.

Carmelo Arcilla, executive director of the Civil Aviation Council, said the Royal Air Charter and Pan Pacific Airline will return tourists to three groups tonight. Sunday and Monday, despite declines in Wuhan.

Pan Pacific Airlines and Royal Air Philippines offer direct flights from Wuhan to Kalibo. Pan Pacific operates on the road from Tuesday to Sunday, while Royal Air operates from Monday to Saturday.

Arcilla said the airline had a clearance to repatriate the foreigners because they were residents of Wuhan.

BEIJING – The death toll from a new virus found in China has risen to 41 on New Year's Eve.

Another 15 deaths in Hubei province where the outbreak began were announced Saturday.

Health officials are struggling to contain the epidemic as millions travel for the New Year, one of the most important dates in its calendar.

Update: October