PHOTO: 19 Kovid patients cured and leftLeaving to return to the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital on his return to his homeland expressed his heartfelt thanks to the doctors and nurses. Caregivers Cambodia always warms us every time you have a good nurse Again, thank you Help to those times.

On this afternoon, April 18, the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital issued a message of thanks to our Covid-19 patients. Four Frenchmen who had been hospitalized at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital and recovered and returned home.

The words described by a French patient: “Good morning, Dr. Suon
We are so sorry to have said a few words of thanks to you so far
We have now arrived at the Seoul airport and since the four of us have had a short time, we sincerely thank you. To those who have always cared for us, you are always warm to us. You have a good nurse. Again, we beg you Thank you a thousand times and we will never forget your good deeds from us. Jean Marie, Jeanine Heitzler, Jacques et Angele Dremiere ” By: Kolab