Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Public Works and Transport is advising residents and owners of vehicles that are selling regular vehicles and looking for original owners Those who wish to transfer the vehicle ownership must submit the transfer application along with some documents for identification Owners of vehicles and vehicles.

Ministry of Public Works and Transport Directory on "Transfer of Owned Ownership", March 12, Phnom Penh Post Yesterday confirmed that the Ministry of Public Works and Transport would like to advise the occupants of the vehicles purchased and sold Repeat and find the original owner who did not intend to transfer the file Vehicles must apply for transfer of ownership of vehicles by some of the documents.

The documents, such as the Vehicle Ownership Transfer Application Form, have the applicant's fingerprint and a copy of the copy Calibus (serial number or tractor), the actual copy of the vehicle ID (original), and the vehicle ID tag (case Transfer of ownership across the capital-provinces). For the identity of the seller and the buyer, the Cambodian citizen must have a copy of the Cambodian national ID with a copy of the letter from the competent authority . Foreigners must have a valid visa passport and current residence permit issued by the competent authority.

It is advised that the vehicle owner shall have a stamp duty receipt on the transfer of ownership of the vehicle, letter of sale and purchase contract Warranty specified by the Police Post Office. Forms of automobile ownership transfer, sales letter and warranty contract are included in the annex.

“After receiving this directive, the director general of the department of transport of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport will take part. Public Works and Transport Capital – Provincial Departments The relevant institutions under the Ministry of Public Works and Transport are to carry out their respective duties. Effectively and with responsibility High from the date of signing until June 30, 2020.

Pal Chandara, secretary of state and spokesman for the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, yesterday declined to comment on the fees. Or transfer the ownership of the vehicle as he claims to be busy meeting.

Heang Sotheath, director of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport's Department of Information and Public Relations, also declined to comment. Busy meeting.

Kong Ratanak, director of the Institute for Road Safety, advocates for car owners and citizens to have the opportunity to transfer their vehicles There is no need to find the owner of the vehicle he bought from someone else because this procedure does not cause long-term difficulties Them.

“So far, there have been cases of car accidents, burglaries and motor vehicle crashes, and the owners of the vehicles have come,” he said yesterday A complaint filed by the competent authority is available to the original owner of the vehicle. But he couldn't find a second owner who owned the vehicle because it was difficult to find. Therefore, it is an obstacle for the authorities to identify the owner of the vehicle.

Ratanak said he urged the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to find a way to simplify the procedure without having to fill out complicated forms Too strong for the owner to understand and complete the form. For services, prices should be as low as possible so that people can afford to disregard or transfer names Its vehicles.

According to the letter of the Ministry of Economy and Finance dated February 17, 2020, on the preferential tax on all modes of transportation and vehicles The last three years from 2017-209 are exempt from the penalty of unpaid fines Tax on all types of transportation and vehicles Fever, when vehicle owners apply for the tax stamp to transfer ownership of vehicles.