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After leaking through Facebook security footage, Facebook buzzes Strong on June 10, 2020, about a man known as the owner of a candy shop named "Thea." Ra »Accusations of Wife and Violent Throwing and Throwing At a Man Employee That time.

At 10 am on June 10, police were summoned to the Phnom Penh Post by the Phnom Penh Post Police for questioning. Also, the owner of the store used violence against the employee's wife and was the wife's nephew, Angered by his intervention in the case of his fiancée, the victim has not complained. Also.

Uncle Sam Ath, chief of Wat Phnom's patio, told Koh Kong that after seeing the footage through a security camera video Kang Vuthy, a 40-year-old man who owns a candy shop called 'Theara', is located in Point Street 108 Corner of Street 51 in Wat Phnom, Daun Penh District Commits Violence Against a Man On Employees on Facebook Book on 10 am this morning.

His forces also summoned the shop owner to make inquiries in the presence of both husband and wife. Come to the light, immediately come to your senses. In the meantime, Mr. Vuthy, known as "Theara", owned the shop at the same time. He recounted, “He actually used violence against a male employee and was actually his wife's nephew. But angry with him for helping out with his wife's dispute, the mediation is over He still comes to work as he always does.

In the case of a male shop owner named "Theara", violence against his employees and posted on On Facebook, the surprise was the same since the night of June 6 By 2020, his forces have called for an inquiry at the station.

Police in Wat Phnom post questioned the owner of 'Theara' for hours And then let him go home, and the victim was the employee's nephew That did not come with any complaints. But as to what the legal issues will be later, the task force has no idea. By: Phil