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Stung Treng: The 'O'Russey Kandal' is one of several potential tourist destinations in the province. Especially unique. The area comes naturally, plus additional processing.

The “Orussey Kandal” site is very appealing to visitors, as the valley is quite unique. The rainforest is full of shade, the streams are cool, and glassy.

Ou Sok Koeun, Deputy Director of Stung Treng Provincial Tourism Department, said the O'Sville Central Resort located along National Road 7 is 28 kilometers away. Mileage from the provincial town and turn right onto the 700m road. He said the service charge for the minibus costs 5,000 riel. For trucks, the cost is 7,000 riel, while people do not charge.

In particular, for the price of food service there, prices are displayed according to the menu and the food which the guests can choose Considering that the price was high, he did not need to order, and if he thought it appropriate, he could choose.

Sok Dany, a Siem Reap tourist, recounted that her family never had a big festival. Discard the resort because the resort is comfortable with the fresh air, natural beauty, fresh water, cool and playful nature. Kid, decent service, good environment and security too. She says from year to year the resort is more beautiful as well.

Chhun Sambath, a guest from Stung Treng, also said that this place was previously nothing but underwater. The tree has been restored, but now the place has become a resort with bamboo bridges across the grounds, lounge chairs and lounge areas. The terrace has a fold-in toilet and ample parking The film also ensures safety. (Edited by: Bopha)