Phnom Penh: There are 121 201 candidates who will take the High School Diploma or Baccalaureate exam on December 21-22, 2020. An increase of about 5 percent over the previous year, in which the number of candidates is also higher than before.

Ros Sovacha, spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, told the Post on September 23 that according to the statistics report Candidates who applied for the exam in the 25 capitals and provinces as of September 22, a total of 121 201 candidates in There were 63,937 female candidates and 57,264 male candidates. Compared to the candidates in the 2019 exam, There was an increase of nearly 6,000 people, or about 5 percent.

Among those candidates, there were 40,765 candidates for the science level, equal to 33.63% (23,636 females) and the social science level. There were 80,436 candidates, equivalent to 66.37% (40,301 females).

According to the report of the Ministry of Education, among the total candidates, there are 102,037 general education candidates, equal to 84.19% (female 55,375 candidates) 13,991 candidates, equal to 11.54% (7,057 females) 3,260 candidates, 2 7% (1,077 females) and 1,913 self-employed candidates equal to 6.57% (428 females). There are 237 examination centers (an increase of 35 centers) and 4,891 rooms (an increase of 167 rooms).

"There is no significant increase or decrease in the number of candidates, because every year The number of candidates varies, it depends on the students who actually study and the number of students who There are candidates for the exam. ” According to Mr. Sovacha, what is new this year is that candidates do not have to withdraw their candidacy, which means that only Candidates who apply are eligible for the exam only once, which is different from last year, there is a withdrawal of candidates at When candidates apply for the exam based on a number of factors, such as multiple absences, the results of the first and second semester exams are not good And so on.

The Ministry of Education is preparing a letter requesting the continuation of cooperation from relevant ministries and institutions, such as the Ministry of Interior, the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Federal Union. Cambodian Youth (SOSYOK) and the Ministry of Health. He said that the Ministry will confirm the observation of the relevant ministries and institutions after the response from those institutions.

However, the Ministry of Education continues to implement the principles of law, justice, transparency and acceptable results while implementing health safety measures. For this year's bankruptcy exam.

It should be noted that a total of 115,206 candidates took the exam last year on August 19, 2019. There are 59,732 female candidates.

Ms. Ouk Chhayavi, President of the Cambodian Independent Teachers Association (CITA), said that this year's students are learning less and inconsistently. As in previous years due to the 19 cases of Kovid, she expects the Ministry to reduce the level of discipline for candidates. Exam. "I think this year's Baccalaureate exam may be easier than last year that students can and should not," she said. It is also very strict. ”