Battambang: General Hun Manet introduces new troops Intervention Division No. 2 says that the new soldiers are now members of the army and also the future of the army training, training and strengthening of the fighting spirit. Strive to be able to perform a variety of tasks in order to work in all circumstances leading to a common task.

Lieutenant General Hun Manet, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, speaks during a meeting with the newly-arrived soldiers. Recently selected to fill the ground for the 2020 Army during the visit of Intervention Division No. 2 (Siem Reap) At the 5th Brigade School, the garrison Episode 5 (Battambang) March 19, 2020.

Lieutenant General Hun Manet thanked the new cadre for their hard-working training and perseverance. Now, after the transition from civilian life to civilian life. This is because each of us is willing to volunteer, combine with the support of our family and also emphasize the value of understanding. Of opportunity, as well as success, one step forward, which is the pride of the parents because of the opportunity that came without It's easy to go through the selection of a typist _Lei based on the commission's many properties. HE. He stressed that the heads of the Royal Government, the Ministry of Defense, the Commander-in-Chief, and the Army leadership have always been focused on military training. For generations, efforts have been made to secure better supply of labor and this is encouraging new recruits. The spirit and willingness of the motherland to receive adequate training, skills and supplies. Therefore, all new soldiers must strive to cultivate a spirit of perseverance, training, and strengthening to be worthy of sponsorship. Management's Leadership.

"The new troops are the current army and the future of the army," he said. Therefore, this 3-month training course, although short but basic, is a training course and strengthening of endurance. Because each of us can do a lot of work, but having external triggers to develop self-doubt, builds confidence. Self And believe that we can do this, as well as our military style of work, which requires working together as a team, working together, forming friendships, solidarity, helping As a responsible person, as a team, respecting the rules, rules, regulations, clear working hierarchy plus tactical knowledge to Serve Corridor is the ability of new soldiers in the performance of work in all circumstances to achieve the task. "

Lt. Gen. Manet also advised on all duties to be completed during the training period in order to receive Success by strictly adhering to the school discipline, the discipline of the course and the advice of the military, especially the introduction of the standards above Million and for fitness to It is also safe to take the opportunity to forge a lasting friendship, unity, and memory as a one-man army after the course and be assigned. Go to work in various organizations ៕ By: intellectual property