Phnom Penh, 29 April 2020: The current state of sanitation and hygiene are essential! But more importantly, make sure that our clothes worn daily, whether it's to work or from outside, are well washed and free from bacteria!

With the new Samsung AddWash ចំហៀង Side Door Washing Machine, you have no need to worry…! More laundry … less laundry … and if it is washed and forgotten … is still a problem, and most importantly, comes with Steam Cycles that has the power and ability to kill bacteria. Misc
Up to 99.9% of clothing! Cool, clogged up… !! It's all about confidence!

The new Samsung AddWash ™ front-door washing machine is equipped with the latest AI technology, so you are sure to enjoy more customization options with Samsung's App SmartThings app, in which you:

– It is possible to choose different functions according to fabric and color

  • Can schedule a cheat
  • May monitor and maintain the washing machine

In choosing the washing machine with the features:

  • Steam Cycles Disinfected with Steam Cycles
    This is the latest technology available on the Samsung AddWashTM Side Door Washing Machine, which removes 99.9% of the germs found on all types of clothing!
  • AddWash
    It's easier to add items you forget or want to add in between operations.
  • Digital Inverter Motor Technology
    Less clothes, less laundry … more laundry dont less energy? I guarantee! With Digital Inverter this can save you the most energy savings !!
  • Q-Rator Intelligent Control (SmartThings)
    It is easy to control and monitor issues on your smartphone, wherever you are, in the place of ordering and monitoring your machine anytime, anywhere.

So don't even think about it…! One new Samsung AddWash ™ Side Door Washing Machine

If you want to know more about how modern this Samsung AddWashTM side washing machine is, go to
Visit your nearest Samsung Song Store and Distributor or contact customer service at: 1800-203232!

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