Phnom Penh: National Election Committee (NEC) meets with election monitoring organization Comfrel on Audit On the 2019 Voter List, Comfrel presented a number of duplicate reports on the voter list and suggested Overseas voter registration offices were established.

According to a press release issued by the NEC on June 5, the Phnom Penh Post received the June 7 post. The NEC has already received Comfrel's report by observing the voter registration process and auditing the list. The election of 2019, which Comfrel has found, has improved the quality of the voter list since reforming the voter lists and re-registering voters. From 2016 to 2019, there is still room for improvement. In addition, Comfrel found that 99.7% of voters actually had the same location and that the voter list was Indicators that measure the quality of the NEC's electoral roll.

Comfrel found 44 names of duplicate names on the voter list by the NEC's technical working group. The Web site acknowledged that this was true, but that these names were probably due to a mistake in the same Khmer national identity document. Different types and cases of twin siblings have the same Khmer national ID number.

In addition to submitting these reports, the NEC spokeswoman Dim Sovannarom said on June 7. The Comfrel proposes to set up an overseas voter registration station. In this regard, the NEC has repeatedly stated that the NEC cannot do so by the authorities. Not allowed as provided in Article 50 of the Law on the Election of Members of the National Assembly.

He added that the NEC should delegate power to the commune councils to fulfill their representative roles in the list review. The name and registration of the voter list and the voter registration roll for the commune. Furthermore, Article 51 of the law states that in order to register to vote, people must appear at the commune school. Its own, or any place in the commune where it is living as defined by the NEC while outside of Cambodia. There is no commune council.

“Comfrel has asked the NEC to talk to the National Assembly to amend the election law,” Dim Sovannarom said. In this regard, I would like to mention that the NEC is a purely legal and technical institution and that the NEC only reports to the National Assembly. Only as stated in Article 10 of the NEC Law and Order.

Kang Savannas, Comfrel coordinator, said on June 7 that duplicate names on the voter list could be related. More technical because having the same ID number can be confusing and confusing. Therefore, the NEC should do some redressal methods to avoid repetitive mistakes in the electoral roll.

“What we do know is that the technique or procedure is not a barrier to the registration office,” he said. Overseas Lottery If the NEC has the ability to edit, the verification does not have to be in person Correct file. What I think is the issue is whether the law would open the way for voter registration offices abroad. Or not? “So the NEC should talk with the National Assembly about electoral law reform.”