Curie County Indigenous Peoples and Civil Society Officials File Complaint Against Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary For not suppressing illegal occupying of forest land in wildlife sanctuaries and buying land there, but this case The officer refused.

Forestry activist Tola Tola said the complaint against Mr. Brahma Vibol Ratanak, director of the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary on May 26, was due. See a letter of ownership and seller of 51 hectares of land at Phnom Proek village, Andoung Kral village, Sen Monorom commune, Oreang district Located in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary.

He added that there was spraying in the trees to determine the location of the land and people had previously reported the case He violated the state land, but he refused to prevent it. He said the site was a jungle hut called Elephant Sanctuary, with few people passing by. Alone.

“What we are complaining about is for the justice officer who is defending in the sanctuary to file a complaint or Officially report to the court to determine who sold the land and who allowed it. ? At that stage, we sued Brahma Vibol Ratan to hold him responsible and to clarify who the land belongs to. ” .

In the complaint, four natives and an Adhoc official wrote that the 51 hectares of land had been destroyed. Transfer name of Seng Orry, 33, Village 13, Sangkat Boeung Kak 2, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh.

Two Indigenous Peoples, named Naw Van Pum and Krat, live in Andoung Kralor village, which was summoned by Mr. Brahma Vibol Ratanak Fingerprints on the contract and ID card as they were both grown on state land and for expropriation. However, they later became involved in the transfer of title to Seng Rory.

The complaint states: “Because both of them were illiterate, they had their thumbs up, but the thumbs were in 2 Unresolved Real Estate Transfer Letter to 2 other Real Estate Residents No, he said.

Prom Vibol Ratanak said he would go to court for the upcoming proceedings. He admitted that there were sprayers in the trees to infringe on wildlife sanctuaries, but was subdued by officials. Subsequently, and at times, labels issued by environmental officials to encroach on forest lands were also removed.

"We were trying to crack down and the labels we were trying to put in were removed," he said.

They only know that (we are indifferent) because our sanctuary is in 3 districts and one city and the rangers are We only have 18 people. ”

Ratanak said he did not know the names of the shooters to occupy the land and that, if known, would apply. Appeal to the court as it has been before.