Phnom Penh: The National Road Safety Committee issues a declarationOn the Implementation of Road Traffic Law for Road Traffic Accidents in 2019 This shows that traffic accidents have been the leading cause of death, injury, and damage to public property.

According to the announcement of the National Committee for Road Safety on January 24, 2020, signed by Samdech Hossek Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister Minister of Interior and Chairman of the National Road Safety Committee expressed his appreciation and appreciation to the authorities. Class and citizens Utilize a large number of routes that actively participate in the implementation of the Road Traffic Act.

But according to the state of road traffic accidents in 2019, there has been a significant increase in traffic accidents, deaths and injuries. Public assets are private property compared to 2010.

In fact, the death toll rose by 220 to 12% and the number of injuries increased by 1,371 to 29%. This is because of three major factors: the growth rate of vehicles (about 37%), the unbalanced infrastructure, and the growth rate. Factors and attitudes of disrespectful road users and enforced strict traffic rules Yes.

To prevent and minimize the peak of road accidents by 2020, follow the Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen Today, tomorrow, no accidents, the Committee for Safe Road Safety reports to the public. The following persons are as follows: 1) Ministry, institution, authority; Companies, factories, enterprises and schools… must continue and increase the dissemination of road traffic law education to civil servants. All types of staff, workers, students… to abide by the law on road traffic law. At the same time, incorporate the spirit of traffic on the road into the internal regulations of their institutions. 2) Drivers of all types of vehicles must strictly adhere to the ten points of ethics (excluding the Road Traffic Act) The following are: 1) Must be open 2) Must wear safety 3) Must wear safety belt 4) Must wear safety belt Hold the right
5) Need to check the vehicle condition 6) Be careful 7) Don't drive over the speed limit. 8) Don't drive under the influence of alcohol, 9) Don't drive under the influence and 10) Don't drive in Fingernail Station.

3) National Road Safety Committee announces the year 2012 as the year of the enforcement of the Law on Road Traffic . 4) The General Secretariat, Subcommittee on Road Traffic Safety and the Road Traffic Compliance Force must take it all in stride. The Turkish government must strictly enforce the law without fair and equitable waiver. Bio: To drive consumers to the law with strong respect.
The National Road Safety Committee would like to express its hope and have confidence in the spirit of respect for traffic. The color of your land uses every way to protect one's own life, the destiny of the family, the success and honor of the society. Our By ៖ Wisdom

Please read the details of the Joint Committee on Safe Traffic Reporting. The worm is all of the following: