Phnom Penh: The National Blood Transfusion Center of the Ministry of Health yesterday expressed grave concern over the sharp drop in the number of volunteers. Blood in the first six months of 2020, which received only 6,000 units, about 11 percent compared to 2019 received 7 Ten thousand blocks. According to Sok Po, president of the National Blood Transfusion Center, speaking yesterday at a press conference on "Blood Donation to Save Lives" At the Council of Ministers.

Po said that in the first six months of early 2020, blood donation rates fell by about 11 percent as demand increased. Up from 1 year to about 10,000 blogs. While the demand for blood in Cambodia is still between 20 and 30 percent to help victims who are in need of blood .

"In order not to worry about the shortage of blood and to prevent the sale of blood donated by philanthropists until the rate of you," Po said. Volunteers donate blood to more than 80% of the total Cambodian population, that is, if there are up to 80% blood donors, Cambodia will not have Anxiety, lack of blood anymore. Today, Cambodia still lacks between 20 and 30 percent of blood per year.

"We have a lot of concerns about the lack of blood," Po said. The reason why there are not many volunteers donating blood is because our Cambodian people still do not understand the importance of donating blood and we do not Widely disseminated. On the other hand, they still suspect that donating blood is harmful to health. In all these cases, I would like to emphasize that blood donation is not a health problem and also helps our health and we will work Promote more about the benefits of donating blood.

Hok Kim Cheng, technical director general of the Ministry of Health, also said yesterday that volunteering to donate blood was still low. Officials and on behalf of the Ministry of Health continue to urge more blood donations to save lives in need Lots of blood.

He said adequate blood supply to patients and their families who were in need of blood was a necessary policy. One to reassure philanthropists as well as encourage the public to become more involved in donating blood.

"Blood donation is a charity and very important for the victims in hospitals who need blood," he said. However, research has shown that it can also be beneficial to the health of blood donors, meaning that donating blood can reduce the risk of heart disease. "Create cancer cells and reduce the risks to our health."

Pich Chenda, an employee of an organization in Phnom Penh who has donated blood three times, said yesterday that blood donation is A safe and easy way that everyone can do to help the community when needed. Every drop of blood is the hope of the victim in the hospital.

"When I found out that my organization was organizing a blood donation volunteering program, I immediately registered because I felt I was helping," he said. One person's life. I am proud to be a part of helping victims because donating blood is like giving a life, so please do not have Reluctance to participate. ”