Phnom Penh: On Thursday morning, 23rd April 2020, HE Lt. Gen. Thet, deputy commissioner and deputy commissioner of Phnom Penh police, led the April meeting and the working direction for May 2020. Supervised the public order security affairs with the participation of the Deputy Commissioner, 14 District Inspectors, and other relevant officials.

On the occasion, there were also comments from the Deputy Commissioner, the 14 inspectors, reporting to the meeting as well as the results of the problem Challenges, solutions and plans to implement more effectively.

Finally, His Excellency also commended all forces for their efforts in providing public services and security for the people, especially HE The commissioner gave a number of good suggestions to the meeting, such as the high regard for providing public services to citizens, the settlement and intervention for the people. On the other hand, on the other hand, the focus must be on the 24-hour patrol force plan as well as routine crackdown research. On drug trafficking and drug use cases to reduce crime in Phnom Penh

His Excellency the Director General advised all departments in the health care community to take part in the prevention and control of the spread of the virus 19 In particular, respect the command of proper dress and haircuts regularly