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Libya: Internationally recognized Libyan government on February 18 cut off negotiations starting under the auspices of the United Nations UN bombings over Tripoli port by Troops of Khalifa Haif Ta occupies the eastern part of the country and seeks to invade the capital Tripoli.

Negotiations in Geneva opened following a summit on January 19 in Berlin Lange to sign a fragile ceasefire obtained earlier by Turkey and Russia. The Libyan army of the Hafata army initially announced it had attacked a Turkish ship carrying Weapons then underline a bomb dropped on a warehouse. Heavy artillery fire was heard overnight in some of Tripoli's neighborhoods.

The Libyan National Coalition Government, which controls the capital, then claimed in a proclamation of suspending negotiations until the initiative was initiated Measures were taken against the attackers. The government vowed to react decisively to aggression in due course. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)